TM Ad Manager

TM Ad Manager is an online ad management solution. You can use it for managing ads on your site, sell impressions or clicks to advertisers, Purchase impressions or clicks from publishers. 


TM Ad Manager has a lot of advanced features. For instance, support for any number of ad sizes, option to use classic banners (jpg, png, gif, swf formats), plain text/HTML ads as well as ads based on templates.


They are available at real time and historical statistic, advertising and publishing accounts.  All public pages are based on templates (all pages are editable in any HTML editor) and many more.

Below are the features of Tm Ad Manager


  • Unlimited number of ads
  • Unlimited number of zones to display ads
  • Can use TM AdManager to manage ads on site(s)
  • You can sell clicks, impressions and/or time-based ads placement to advertise and purchase clicks and/or impression from publishers.
  • Can display ads using multiple ways (iFrame, javascript, PHP).
  • 1-year or 3-year free updates, depending on your license
  • The lowest prices on the market
  • Ability to load a new banner with some seconds
  • Campaigns can be based on keywords and zones (When you call one or more keywords on a page, the system selects an ad to display it by the given keywords).
  • Each campaign has its own real-time statistic
  • Historical statistic for days/month in the past
  • Editable number of campaigns and each campaign has its own configuration.
  • You can select a certain day (Sunday, Monday…..) or hour or range of dates when an ad should be displayed.
  • It has option to display ads on mobile phones and/or computers.
  • It even has option to target Ad by country, days in a week or time.
  • Maps are available for country statistics
  • Admin can select if by clicking on a link should open the target URL’S page in a new or the same window itself. This is editable for each zone separately.
  • Statistic can contain country and also URL of each impression & click
  • Public pages are editable in any HTML/Text editor.
  • All error and info messages are editable as well. This feature can be used to translate the system into another language.
  • An option to not display the same ad to the same person twice in a defined time is available.
  • AdChoice is available for the user to temporarily or permanently block the ad if needed.
  • Admin can change the password and username easily from the admin interface
  • Ability to log URL’s of each ad impression and click
  • Admin can prefer some ads – such ads get a priority than other ads.
  • It has the ability to install script more than once by using one or multiple database on the same domain or server
  • Admin can select time format to use on all pages, there is also the option to select between 12/24 hours format.
  • Easy installation is a highlight. You only have to upload files and enter values to a few fields in a setup form and the script will do the rest.
  • There is an option to restore or backup functions, an option to optimize your tables
  • Users and visitors can choose from multiple styles of pages. You can create your own styles too. It can be used to create a multi-language system (multiple interfaces in different languages).
  • If local time and server time is different, the time may be automatically converted into the local time.
  • Multiple security option is available – you can ban IP addresses that try to enter admin or user pages with wrong login data. Automatic reminder for admin to delete files which can cause a security risk option is available.